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a round mirror

Matias Kalwill: FIERA


Arcade Installation

by Matias Kalwill

Join us for the Opening Reception 

Friday, February 11 at 6pm

The exhibition will run through March 26th 2022

“Engineers can and will produce

ever more elaborate technological advances
but will there be concurrently an ethic that calls on them
to make space
in their world
for the wolf?”

From ”Work in Progress: Using Wolves to Teach Engineering Design”
 by George D. Catalano and Maggie Howell

FIERA follows the adventures of two kids, a robot and a wolf.
 We meet them in Red Hook, Tropical NYC, a city where extreme weather has become unpredictable, and surveillance technologies are pervasive.

This is their story, as it was told to us, by them.