Welcome Home!

Sunny's Bar is located at 253 Conover Street in Red Hook, Brooklyn  Click for Directions

Memorial Day Monday 12pm-midnight///Tuesday 4pm-2am
Wednesday/Thursday/Friday 4pm-4am
Saturday 11am–4am * Sunday 11am–12am

It's been a bit of a turtle race, but we have the down-payment in the bank!!! Any extra money coming in at this point will be used to cover our legal fees. I am beyond thankful for all of your donations. It is so heartwarming to know that there are a lot of friends who care. Thank you so, so much for caring!!! Keep your fingers crossed for the weeks ahead. Planning a big party...

*If you would like to get on our weekly email blast to stay up to date on all of our music, art, & fundraising events, please send your email address to sunnysbar@earthlink.net Cheers!

Upcoming Music & Events at Sunny's

Sun, 5/28/17 7:00 - Kneeling Drunkards
Mon, 5/29/17 12:00 - Memorial Day Cookout!
Tue, 5/30/17 9:00 - The PJ's
Wed, 5/31/17 10:00 - Smokey's Round-up